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HIROSHIMA DESIGN LAB(以下HDL)は新たな協創の場を目指し広島に設立されました。ここでは教育機関と地元企業、学生と社会人が横断的なコラボレーションを行い、モノづくりにおける新たな価値やそれを支える次世代の人材を創出する研究や教育を行っています。

HDLは広島工業大学環境学部建築デザイン学科に設置され、最先端のモノづくりを実践する 「デジタルファブリケーションラボ」と、全国でも最大規模の木工室である「ウッドショップ」を拠点としています。この場を介して生まれる様々な研究者や地元企業の関係者との繋がりが、地域連帯型の新しい研究・教育ハブとなることを目指しています。




HDL(HIROSHIMA DESIGN LAB) is founded in Hiroshima aiming to explore diverse values of design and manufacturing through establishing the collaborative research and education platform for students, teachers and local companies.

HDL has a base at Hiroshima Institute of Technology where the Department of Architectural Design runs newly opened Digital Fabrication Lab and Wood Shop. These are ideal spaces for investigating new ideas and designs with various facilities from cutting-edge technology to traditional woodworking technique. HDL aim that the activities at our base will form the local hub for innovative research and education in Hiroshima.

Researches and projects at HDL are multi-discipline. HDL looks for more social effects making the base use of our expertise.

By studying and researching at HDL, students engaged all the HDL activities finding more important issues in our area and society. They go out into the world with an awareness of the issues and colleagues who worked together at HDL. We hope they will have an important role in the future.

Milky Way from an Norikura Observatory in Mt. Marishiten-dake, Japan – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


杉田 宗

杉田 宗

So Sugita

Department of Architectural Design, Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor (Computational Design & Digital Fabrication)

中山 慎介

中山 慎介

Shinsuke Nakayama


Art Director

織田 泰正

織田 泰正

Yasumasa Oda


Web Designer

井上 拓

井上 拓

Taku Inoue


Front-end Engineer